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Metraw emerged 

from consistent collaborations, crafting diverse skillsets to offer the creative experience of unparalleled authenticity, relatablity and quality.

Ruben Nazaryan. Founder & Gen. Manager

With over 10 years experience in the creative space of development including time working alongside my brother running day to day operations of our Content Agency, I'm passionate to guide the vision and direction our Agency is headed. Having worked with such esteemed clients in different fields, I have focused my skills to attracting clients in fields of our specialisation and guiding them to successful projects and building long term partnerships.

Erik Nazaryan. Co Founder & Videographer

With over 7 years experience in the creative space, I'm a multidisciplinary Content Creator & Artist capable of adjusting myself to various situations. I have focused my abilities in a set of industries like Beauty, Health and Wellness, Corporate, Lifestyle, Education.



Trust begins with effective communication. We take immense pride in delivering exceptional communication that fosters trust.


Our commitment to 100% accountability and responsibility sets us apart. Every step of your journey with us is handled with utmost care.


Settling for anything less than excellence is not in our vocabulary. We consistently go above and beyond to ensure 100% client satisfaction.


Specializing in our respective fields, we value the trust you place in us, knowing it directly influences the quality of our end product.


Mutual respect forms the foundation of our business ethos. We honor our clients' wishes and demands, expecting the same in return.


At the core of everything we do lies the pursuit of happiness. Metraw. was created to embrace joy in our work, enabling us to offer unparalleled creativity and service.

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